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RESOLUTION 2015-061 <br /> CITY OF STILLWATER <br /> RESOLUTION ENDORSING "POLLINATOR SAFE" POLICIES AND PRACTICES, <br /> PROMOTING HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT FOR PEOPLE AND POLLINATORS <br /> WHEREAS, threats to pollinators concern the entire food system, where pollination provided by <br /> honey bees and other essential pollinators account for one in every three bites of food, <br /> responsible for the pollination of key crops, including fruits,nuts, berries, melons and many <br /> others, and contributing over$19 billion worth of services to U.S. agriculture; and <br /> WHEREAS,pollinators including butterflies,honeybees, bumblebees, and native bees are <br /> facing annual declines in excess of what is considered normal due to habitat loss,pesticide use, <br /> pathogens and parasites; and <br /> WHEREAS, research shows multiple interacting causes are contributors to the severe decline of <br /> pollinator populations, including pathogens, habitat loss, exposure to pesticides, and synergistic <br /> effects of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides; and <br /> WHEREAS, scientific evidence around neonicotinoid insecticides including clothianidin, <br /> thiamethoxam and imidacloprid is especially compelling and deserves action; and <br /> WHEREAS,neonicotinoid pesticides that are harmful to pollinators are harmful to other <br /> invertebrates, birds, and aquatic animals. <br /> WHEREAS, we find these actions to be in the public interest and demonstrates the city's <br /> commitment to a healthy community environment for people as well as pollinators. <br /> NOW,THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of the City of Stillwater: <br /> 1) The City of Stillwater encourages healthy environments including food sources, clean <br /> water and shelter for pollinators through existing programs and new opportunities. <br /> 2) The City of Stillwater including its contractors will consider safe alternatives to <br /> pollinator-harming pesticides, and in particular cease the use of neonicotinoid <br /> insecticides, where possible on Stillwater City property; and will consider the use of <br /> plants or plant seeds that have not been treated with neonicotinoids in its new plantings. <br /> 3) The City of Stillwater shall undertake its best efforts to plant pollinator friendly plantings <br /> favorable to pollinators and free of systemic pesticides on City properties and land, and <br /> enabling citizens to contribute to the efforts of the Stillwater Public Works Department <br /> by planting and maintaining pollinator plantings on city property. <br /> 4) The City of Stillwater will support efforts to educate the broader community about the <br /> action it has taken, the importance of creating and maintaining pollinator-friendly habitat <br /> and encourage residents and businesses to use similar pollinator friendly practices. <br />